Review- ‘Lay Me Down’ by Tamara Hart Heiner

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My Review on the Book:

An awesome book I must say that grips the reader till the very end. A review on this book is going to be hard as it comes with so many unexpected twists and plots that I don’t want to ruin for the prospective reader.

As with the general review, this book is based on Kylee Mansfield’s life as she deals with her abusive stepfather, a submissive mother and the struggles faced. Kylee was practically non- existent to everyone as her step dad made her drop out of school. Even her mom can’t protect her from her step dad’s tantrums. Kylee goes through all this pain and suffocation just to be with her mom. Every single day she has to go through this misery and she finds satisfaction in self-injury to cope with the emotional pain and anger.

Everything changes when the new neighbors come in, a father and his two kids. Kylee was immediately drawn towards Price Hudson, the neighbor’s son. They soon unravel the things untold and unseen and unheard together filling in the missing pieces of Kylee’s life.

The author has cleverly managed to build up a plot that will keep us so engrossed in the story. There is romance, there is suspense and there is also a supernatural element. The two teenagers Price and Kylee work together to find out something very important and vital to the story. Once you have started this book you probably won’t put it down till you have completed it. The ending of the story also doesn’t dishearten as it clearly concludes in a manner that makes us release the tension that we have built up while reading the same.

This is a must read for everyone irrespective of if you are a teenager or an adult.


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